• Audit of statutory Financial statements;
  • Other auditing, review, assurance and related services;
  • Audit of projects financed from the European Union support funds;
  • Tax reviews;
  • Assessment of reorganization projects;
  • Consultations on the aspects of tax planning and calculation;
  • Business advisory services.

Our company provides a wide range of audit, accounting, tax planning and tax calculation services to clients of all sizes and sectors: from large corporate groups to single-person businesses.

As a certified audit company, we conduct an official and independent audit of financial statements. We believe that the more we know about your business, the more we can contribute to its success. In this regard, we view the audit as an essential mean, which enables us to understand the way your business works. The information obtained during the audit, together with annual financial statements, is used for providing additional management information to our clients and thus determining the future success or failure.

We offer consultations on all aspects of personal, corporate and international taxation. Our tax specialists have developed detailed knowledge of tax system in Lithuania, they regularly keep up with changes in laws and other legal acts, which enables them to provide you professional and timely advice and planning services in this complicated and dynamic difficult field.

Using advanced systems, we can prepare statements from your own records, complying with company law and existing practice. We can prepare regular management statements and analyze them so that we could help you to understand your business.

We also provide advice on business structuring and investments, mostly specializing in various aspects of accounting and tax planning. As always, our goal is to develop a detailed knowledge of your business, as it would enable us to provide you professional and cost-effective services that would meet your individual needs.