Can you provide me a particular service that I need?
All our activity is based on rendering services. We will attend to the requirements and suspenses of the clients and we will say if we could not satisfy the needs. Fortunately it happens very rarely.

Can I appeal to you for a specific (particular) advice?
Yes. Nowadays to be an accountant means much more than just to present the particular numbers once a year. Our clients apply to us asking advices of different nature, starting-up from the question what could be the most effective way to invest resources and finnishing with the request how to choose the pension fund.

Can you reduce my payable taxes?
We will do our best! None of the companies (or residents) want to pay more taxes than ought to and it is fair enough. There are many legal means that can help to reduce the burden of taxation and we are trying our best to help our clients to use them.

Does it matter that we are located not close to you?
We have clients in all places of Lithuania. Nowadays most people can easily use telephone, fax and e-mail, so it is easy to keep in touch.

Are your services expensive?
It depends on who you compare us with. If comparing with the Big Four companies, then our services are rather obtainable. But if comparing with the accountant working individually at home, then our services are expensive. It depends on what level of services you need, and the same as everywhere you will get what you are paying for.

Do you practise with the fixed tariffs?
We are attempting to cultivate long-term intercourse with our client, so we always offer consultative maintenance for the fixed monthly payment when it is possible.

Will your tariffs increase after the first year?
We are not “buying up” our clients. It is not a good base for the long-term bilateral intercourse with the clients while determining a little price for the first year and increasing it later, so we do not treat like that.