Audito UAB „In salvo“

Our company provides services to a wide range of clients from small enterprises and private individuals to large companies and non-profit organizations, in business areas covering manufacturing, trading and service sectors, financial brokers, lawyers, collective intellectual property administrators and farmers.

We, as our clients, face everyday business challenges, and we really know what it means to be in business. We understand the nature and aspirations of your business, not just your accounting. We create close, friendly relationships based on loyalty, respect and experience we share. For our clients we offer personalized attention, which is not commonly found in large companies.

Our credo

By offering high quality services, which satisfies the individual needs of every client, and helping our clients managing and understanding their business better, we aspire to contribute to development, stimulation and prosperity of professional, transparent business.

Our aims

  • To provide professional, resourceful and timely advice;
  • To provide specific services that satisfy the needs and individual characteristics of activity of every client;
  • To play an active role in the development of our clients’ businesses;
  • To aim for maximum quality in everything we do;
  • To commit ourselves to the success of each our client.

Our experience, knowledge, responsibility and enthusiasm can contribute to the success of your business.